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AGED. dry aging




AGED. dry aging cabinets are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy by Zernike using high-quality material and cutting-edge technology.
Technological innovation, components, production, passion and quality to achieve the perfect multi-task cabinet.


With a focus on recreating the perfect microclimate and the natural reactions traditionally harnessed for aging meat, we offer a unique dry aging cabinet, incorporating an intuitive technology that combines multiple patents for ventilation, sanitisation and oxygenation of meat.


AGED. multi-task cabinets allow you to perform high quality biosafe dry aging or curing processes in a single cabinet, easily and affordably.

Combining our dry aging and curing cabinet into one sleek unit allowing you to control both heat and humidity when processing your meat, cheese or fish. The AGED. multi-task cabinet is your all-in-one cabinet solution.

Restaurants, steak houses, butcher shops, dairies, small farms or supermarkets can now entirely manage a range of processing in a crucial phase in determining its organoleptic quality and enhancing its flavour and tenderness.

With a modern and clean design, made of AISI 304 stainless steel and insulated with cyclopentane for maximum thermal insulation, AGED. uses patented technologies that make it unique in the Australian market.

The option of an easy to use touch screen monitor displays each function with intuitive icons designed to make it easy to control and modify all the process phases and parameters.

The electronic control allows a precise management of temperature, humidity and ventilation inside the chamber, which combined with the patented oxygenation system OxigenKLIMA, makes it possible to reproduce the ideal conditions for a high quality and perfectly biosafe dry aging, reducing the danger of listeria and harmful moulds.

AGED. dry aging


Our cabinets' patented oxygenation and ventilation systems use the power of active oxygen and uniform ventilation to inactivate the micro-organisms and moulds that alter the outer layer of the aging meat.

AGED. reduces the outer layer of aged meat to just a few millimetres. This means less waste after trimming the meat and more product to sell.


To reduce the excessive weight loss that can occur during a dry aging process, AGED. is equipped with a unique humidity generator. Humidity Control is a smart humidity management system that, unlike other dry aging technologies in the market, can also increase the humidity according to the type of meat and the desired result.

AGED. dry aging cabinets are the only cabinets that limit the weight loss to a max 5% on certain cuts of meat.

Benefits of the humidity generator?

(available on our 'System' models)

  • For long dry aging processes to counteract the excessive liquid loss.

  • For aging certain types and sizes of meat, in particular, older animals with harder meat.

  • To add humidity in the chamber when working with an insufficient quantity of meat.



The unique and patented "V-O" air ventilation system is one of the details that make AGED. drying and curing cabinets the most innovative on the Australian market.

The asymmetric hole pattern on the rear interior wall has been obtained using anemometers, to ensure consistent ventilation and drying of all the cuts of meat, fish and cheese placed in the cabinet.

The air is channelled both horizontally and vertically for keeping temperature and humidity constant at every point of the chamber and creating a perfect microclimate.

There is no need to periodically rearrange the produce inside the cabinet, which makes it easier to organise your workload.

Less humidity and less mould also mean less waste.


Equipped with the OxigenKLIMA technology, a patented device that uses the natural sanitising power of active oxygen to obtain a perfect biosafe dry aging.

AGED. dry aging
AGED. dry aging
AGED. dry aging
AGED. dry aging
AGED. dry aging


No more complicated manuals and instructions!

The touch screen monitor option is the only one on the market with intuitive icons associated with preset programs. To execute or modify them you will just need to select the related icon.


The innovative remote control and diagnostics allows the user to constantly monitor the meat during the dry aging process to ensure reliability and quality.

You can remotely connect the cabinet with your PC, tablet or smartphone and operate a wide range of functions such as changing settings and programs as well as testing components.


The cabinet data logger continuously records the chamber internal parameters. This data can be viewed and exported in excel format and used to detect possible malfunctions as well as for complying with HACCP regulations.


The AGED. standard display is very easy and intuitive and will allow you to easily customise and save each single phase of the process.


AGED. dry aging

* Suggested capacity for correct working
** Model shown: 'System' with touch screen control display and single glass fronted door. (Also available with glass back)

AGED. dry aging




Our range of cabinets are designed and manufactured in Italy using high quality material and cutting-edge technology by Zernike.


With a focus on recreating the ideal microclimate and the natural reactions traditionally harnessed for aging, we offer a unique range of cabinets in Australia incorporating an intuitive technology that combines multiple patents for ventilation, sanitisation and oxygenation of a range products.

AGED. dry aging



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