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  • How do I dry age fish?
    CLEANING Fish, unlike meat, is much more fragile and is much more subject to bacterial contamination and deterioration, for this reason it is important that it is cleaned and preserved in an optimal way before aging: The first thing to do is the scaling, eliminating the scales and the skin membrane that keeps them attached with the use of a knife. All the main organs must be removed. It is also important to scrape away the blood that remains inside. To finish the cleaning it is necessary to dry it with absorbent paper, eliminating all the remaining humidity. STORAGE This process is very important, as it allows the fish to reach a higher quality in taste and texture. Unfortunately, many keep the fish in vacuum bags but this leads the fish to deteriorate much faster because water and humidity affect the food a lot at this stage. The optimal conservation of fresh fish takes place in cells with temperatures ranging from 0 ° to 2 ° and a dry environment by hanging it by the tail, in this way the fish liquids drain fluidly and prevent moisture from forming on the surface of the fish. AGING It is a process by which the fish is matured in environments with strictly controlled temperature, humidity and ventilation. This control allows the fish to achieve greater softness with an important gain in taste and greater digestibility. It is possible to hang the fish in our machines from a few days up to even 2/3 weeks in a typical environment ranging from 0 ° to 4 ° with a controllable humidity between 60% and 80% of the set parameters. To obtain such results our cabinets have: · a patented ventilation system with horizontal delivery and vertical return which allows a homogeneous distribution inside the chamber of controlled temperature and humidity. · a patented oxygenation system, that by introducing active oxygen into the internal environment increases the shelf-life of the food and controls the bacterial load, which is important in fish because it must be almost zero to be well matured. Of course, everything depends on the type of product, age, size, territory of origin, time of year, quality and quantity of the fat on the fish.
  • What are the recommended paramaters to achieve optimal maturation?
    This is something that is unique to the type of product that you are aging. For aging meat, Yerling beef can be aged in as little as 30 days. Depending on the flavour profile you are trying to achieve, time and humidity can all be adjusted. Our cabinets come with pre-programmed options to make aging your products a simple process.
  • Why is an adequate ventilation inside the cabinet so important?
    The AGED. cabinet 'patented' ventilation system avoids the need to move the meat and cheese around the cabinet. This in turn, saves time and reduces the handling of the products. The AGED. range of cabinets are the only cabinets in Australia that offer this unique ventilation system.
  • What caused my meat to go mouldy?
    Mould is something that can come from the natural maturation of meat. Not all mould is bad, but checking and identifying the mould is a must before eating.The mould forms on the outer crust of the meat which will then be cut off when being prepared. Excess or bad mould can come from unhygenic conditions, lack of airflow and inproper regulation of humidty.
  • How long can I store meat after dry aging?
    We recommend eating your meat within the first few days after cutting. You can store you meat in the fridge or freezer vacuumed packed if you wish to keep for longer periods. Vacuum packed meat can keep in your freezer for up to 6 months.
  • What are the best cuts of meat to dry age?
    Typicaly the best cuts to put into your dry ager are beef OP Ribs (ribeye), Striploin, and T-bones. Large cuts (primal cuts) with a bone are best to age due to their ability to retain moisture within the meat compared to boneless cuts.
  • What is the best length of time to dry age meat?
    Typically dry aging can be done in as little as 4 weeks. After this (depending on the original age of the meat) the flavour can become more intense and can be aged up to 90 days or longer. Most people will enjoy the flavours of dry aged meat between 30 - 90 days.
  • Can I freeze my dry aged meat?
    Yes. Although eating as soon as it is cut up is when the meat is at its prime flavour. When freezing, it is suggested that the meat is vacuum packed to remove as much air as possible. This will prevent freezer burn and allow the meat to freeze for longer periods of time.
  • How do I stop the dry aging/maturing process?
    If you wish to end the dry aging/maturing process, you can simply remove the product from cabinet. You can then re-set the controls to start a new phase or process.
  • What is the expected delivery time?
    Depending on your address, we can have your cabinet delivered within 24 - 48 hours. If interstate we can give you an estimated delivery time on request.
  • How will the cabinet be delivered?
    We use a professional moving service to deliver your cabinet safely and on time.
  • What is the standard warranty period?
    All of our cabinets come with a full 12 month warranty on parts from the date of purchase.
  • How do I contact the service team?
    Our friendly staff can be contacted via email or phone. email: Tel: 1300 904 504
  • What if I have a technical issue?
    If there is anyhting you find that is not functioning the way it should, pelase call our friendly staff on 1300 904 504 and we would be more than happy to assit you.
  • Does the cabinet have to be professionaly installed?
    Our range of cabinets can be easily installed. If you purchase one of our cabinets that requires a connection to water - this can simply be connected via a standard tap fitting.
  • Will I be contacted prior to delivery?
    We will arrange a suitable time for your cabinet with you prior to delivery. Once the cabinet is on its way, one of our staff members will let you know.
  • Where can I find the user manual?
    All of our units come with a manual. You can also find and download a copy via our website.
  • Where can I order accessories?
    Our website has a full list of accessories that can be purchase. You can also call us on 1300 904 504 and we will be more than happy to help.
  • What are the advantages of the AGED. cabinets versus others on the market?
    Every AGED. cabinet comes with unique patented technologies. V-O Air Ventilation An aesymmetric hole pattern to ensure consistent ventilation and drying of all products placed in the cabinet. This allows temperature and humidity to be a constant at every part of the cabinet creating a perfect microclimate. OxigenKLIMA Using natural sanitising power of active oxygen to obtain a perfect biosafe environment. No need for harsh chemicals, 'clogging' charcoal filters and no more frequent purchasing of replacement salt blocks. Remote Connection You have the option to remotely connect to the cabinet with your PC, tablet or smartphone to access a wide range of functions. Data Logging AGED. Cabinets continuously records internal parameters which can be viewed and exported to comply with HACCP regulations.
  • What is the average energy consumption of my cabinet?
    The use of adequate insulation of the walls with cyclopentane ensures that the cabinets can maintain the temperature without the use of excess energy.
  • What is the noise level of my cabinet?
    AGED. cabinets are very quiet to use and the dB levels are well below 'The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017'
  • Can my cabinet be installed as a stand alone unit?
    Yes, all our cabinets simply require a standard power plug and water supply (where necessary).
  • Can I control the temperature and humidity?
    Yes, this is one of the great features on the AGED. cabinets. Using the control panel you can easily change the settings at a push of a button or for ease of use you can select from a range of pre-selected programs.
  • Will the glass door mist up?
    The glass will only mist up when humidity enters the cabinet. This can sometimes happen when the door is opened, however it will quickly clear and be back to normal transparency.
  • Do I need to connect a water supply?
    No. All of our units can be used without water. The units fitted with the humidiity option can be connected to water as required to use this function.
  • How much meat fits into my cabinet?
    Depending on which cabinet you purchase, you can fit anywhere between 40Kg to 150Kg.
  • How much weight loss can I expect?
    Depending on the cut of meat, your cabinet settings and length of time, you can achieve as little as 5% loss in weight!
  • What other products can be dry aged or cured?
    The possibilities are endless with the AGED. range of cabinets. You can age, dry and cure anything from meat, salami, fish, pasta, cheese, as well as a full range of Vegan products.
  • What accessories are available?
    Our website has a full list of accessories that can be purchased. You can also call us on 1300 904 504 and we will be more than happy to help.

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